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The truth is out there....SOME WHERE

Video of where the encounter took place.Please, watch and listen.NOT THE ACTUAL ENCOUNTER!

The same craft caught on video in England!

Look at the craft and notice the fighter jets escorting it.They are not chasing it.If these craft have to fly during daylight over populated areas,they fly with fighter escorts.You can not see the details of the craft because the zoom of the camera taping this event.

U.S.Army briefed students on anti-gravity technology.

On Dec.27,2003,I was driving the Pacific Coast Highway west of Malibu,California

At about 2 P.M. I was just past the Los Angeles county line near Sycamore Canyon camping area and a state beach named Sycamore Cove.

I was alone on the highway, there were no cars ahead of me or behind me, which is not unusual for this time of year on this stretch of the highway.

I have driven this route at least a thousand times.

It was a clear sky day typical of SoCal and I was enjoying the drive along the Pacific Ocean and the view to the horizon.

As I came around a curve and up a small rise where the roadway is probably 60 to 70 feet above the surf line my eye caught movement out on my left side.

(A short video on the right sidebar shows where this actually took place)

Turning my head to the left,I realized I was no longer alone.

Beside me, above the surf line, traveling at or close to my speed of 55 to 60 mph in the same direction was an aerial craft.

It was no further than 80 feet away.

The craft was just slightly lower than my eye level.

I had a very good view of it's top surface, and being slightly ahead of me,I could clearly see the back of the craft.

Because it came up so quickly beside me I didn’t see the front of the craft.

It had moved in to this position from off the ocean.

It paced along with me for 250 feet or more and 15 to 20 seconds in time.

The first thing I thought when I saw the craft was that it looked like a black manta ray.
It had a "stinger(spike)" out of the rear.

After a year of searching the Internet, I found out that there was actually a black project called "Black Manta".

The craft in the image below that I saw was not a lifting body, it just floated or "sailed" through the air.

A better description of the shape of the craft would be something more reminiscence of a horseshoe crab.

This is a view of the model that I made that shows the rear of the craft and the "stinger(spike)" protruding from the rear.

The real craft was I estimate 35 to 40 feet in diameter.

The "stinger(spike)" was protuding out about 6 feet from the body of the craft.You can also see the "cut out" in the rear and the three "ridges" on the top.

The center "ridge" was higher and wider than the two outboard ones. It is only a model of the craft I saw that day!

I estimate the craft was 6 feet in height at the middle point of the craft.

This view shows the shape of the craft and again a view of the "stinger(It is correctly called a spike)" protruding out of the rear of the craft.

I did not have a view of the bottom of the craft , so I am only guessing, it was convex and smooth.

It didn't appear to me to be flying but "more like "slipping" through the atmosphere.

Out on the horizon about 2 miles out I could see 2 F-16 jets escorting the craft.

The F-16 chase/escorts were definitely flying slow.

The two pilots were doing everything they had been trained to do when flying at almost stall speed.

The nose on both planes were pointed up as they attempted to fly as slow as possible without falling out of the sky.
Just like the F-16 viewed below is flying.


This is a side view of the craft.

I saw it from a slightly higher view because it was beside me on the surf line and a little bit lower than the roadway.

As we started to descend down off the grade,to the roadway that is closer to the beach, the craft suddenly accelerated and took off straight down the coast, following the contour of the coast .

It reminded me of a Star Trek movie when they’re going into warp drive.

The two jets took off too, chasing after it.

No conventionally powered craft that exists today can move this quickly.

I accelerated as fast as the minivan would go, down the highway, around the curves through the area called Mugu rock and still didn't see it, though at this time, I had a clear view of N.A.S. Point Mugu.

I kept going until I had a unobstructed view of the fields in the area and I didn't see the planes or this craft.

I believe what I saw was a piloted, man made craft. It had some exotic unknown type of advanced propulsion.

It was, I believe, by its handling characteristics, an anti-gravity vehicle.

I "felt" no sound wave,there was no electrical disruption of my vehicle.

I had the window down and heard nothing but the wind and my tires on the roadway. It was totally silent.

I believe that day,it was piloted by some hot jet jockey who saw somebody driving down the road, totally alone, and decided to say, "Look at me. Now,try to explain this to others,and see if they believe you, when you tell them what you saw”.

I have been doing just that, ever since that day.

Maybe,just maybe,someday, the truth will come out. I know what I saw that day. These craft are out there,somewhere.

And they are man made

A week later just a short distance south of my encounter, this craft was photographed!

Saucer-shaped craft hovering off the coast of Santa Monica on January 3, 2004.
Photo by Young Chyren, courtesy

This person speaks of someone who worked on them.

Could this possibly be the craft I saw? It definitely fits the description

"The Lockheed X-22A is a two-man anti-gravity disc fighter. The late Colonel Steve Wilson, USAF (ret.), stated that military astronauts trained at a secret aerospace academy separate from the regular Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, CO.

These military astronauts then operate out of Beale and Vandenberg Air Force Bases, Northern California From those bases, these military astronauts regularly fly trans-atmospherically and out into space. One of the aerospace craft they use, Colonel Wilson reported, is the X-22A."

This sighting is from England.

I found posted on an account of a witnesses sighting and photographing of a identical shaped craft in England. It looks exactly the same If you click on the picture it will take you to the link for the story.

Forum Member Takes Photograph of Bizarre Sky Formation-Forum Member Takes Photograph of Bizarre Sky Formation-Staffordshire-ST-16-UFO Casebook Files

Later on the witness posted additional information that clarified that the light coming out the back was actually 3 EQUALLY SPACED THIN LINES. Could these be from the 3 ridges on the top surface like the ones on the vehicle I witnessed?

More photos of sightings.

While developing this site and researching other witnesses accounts of craft,I found a number of them that could possibly be the same craft.

A disc shaped craft will appear different depending on the the aspect one is viewing it.

The latest sighting is this picture.

Canadian “Disc” and Smoke Spiral Still A Mystery.
"they saw a very odd circular object that looked to be white or grey in color and had what looked like a small tail coming out of it."

This photograph was shot in Malibu Calif.,I believe it depicts the same craft that I saw and what the witnesses in Canada saw in flight.

And another similar sighting in Virginia.

This picture of a saucer shaped craft.

Another one of similar saucer shape seen over a volcano.

Was this craft seen over Chicago O'Hare airport?

These craft and some similar to the saucer craft I saw, have been seen in the skies of the western United States since the end of WW2.

I have combined various pictures so you may compare their similarities.


The truth is out there. I witnessed it. This saucer craft does exist, and it is ours.

Another person also saw the craft.

I again found a identical looking craft discussed by another witness here.

Notice the striking similarities between what this person saw and the craft I witnessed.He even states, that the craft was shaped, like a horseshoe crab!

Even more unusual is the fact that this witness's sighting was less than 20 miles due east of mine on the other side of the Santa Monica Mountains in Southern California.

The complete story can be found at Linda Moulton Howe's website or clicking on the image below will lead you there also.

Better still,this account and other accounts of witnesses encounters with unusual craft can be heard by also listening to the Earthfiles podcast here. Environment Northridge Craft

In the above map the Santa Susanna Rocketdyne facility is to the left on the map.

The main headquaters for Rockwell is pointed out also.

If the craft was headed to Rocketdyne/NASA in the Santa Susana mountains it would have flown directly over the main Rockwell headquarters building!

Simi Valley and the Rocketdyne facility are directly east of where my encounter took place.


What is hidden in the Santa Susanna Mountains?

I recently discovered Art Bell's initial interview with Dr.Roger Lier,Derrel Simms and the medical doctor also known as "General A".

It is a one hour long interview.Please listen to the interview.

If the player will not play or if you wish,link to listen to the interview off site and also download it to your computer double click the logo on the player.


Ventura / Santa Barbara County MUFON members were excited at their meeting on October 4, 1996, by talk of the previous evening's events described by the major Los Angeles area TV stations.

"About 9pm, the sky over LA, and indeed the western United States, lit up as if it were day, and an object described as green in color raced across the sky at a very high altitude, leaving behind it a trail witnesses described as white sparks, or stardust.

The event was seen by thousands from New Mexico to L.A., and as far north as San Francisco. Various "experts", described the object as a "meteor", or "shooting star".

But, according to Dr. Roger Leir and UFO investigator Derrel Sims, there was another event the night of October Third, which occurred fifteen minutes before the one mentioned above!

Leir reported, "Derrel and I were making a trip to the airport in Burbank last night, and at exactly 8:46pm, on the north side of the 101 freeway, approximately one half mile west of Highway Calabasas, the whole sky lit up, and night turned to day!

I was driving in the fast lane of the freeway, and my mouth fell open, because I saw a huge burning gold ball with a tail coming out of it that looked something like a comet, that was the most brilliant silverish-white I've ever seen, and it was dropping sparks that were heading toward the ground.

This was travelling just above the level of the hills somewhere between the area of Bell Canyon and the freeway. And, incidentally, Rocketdyne is in this area too.

We saw this thing and couldn't believe what we were seeing! When Derrel looks surprised, that's strange!

It takes a lot to surprise him. It looked like it was coming down, so we thought, it must have smashed into the hills somewhere, and there's probably going to be a fire.

So on the way back, we'll just go real slow by there and see if anything's burning. And that's what we did, but we didn't see anything.

The only thing we saw that was peculiar, was that the lights on the north side of the freeway were all out."

"When we got home," Leir continued, we turned on the news, and Channel 2 was broadcasting interviews and different stories from northern California, to Nevada, to San Diego.

People were seeing things going in the opposite direction, and seeing something that was green ... but that's not what Derrel and I saw!

We guessed that if this thing came down, it would be somewhere between the north side of the Ventura Freeway and the Bell Canyon area, or to extend it a little bit, between the Ventura Freeway and where Rocketdyne is in the Santa Susannas

But Leir and Simms were not the only ones to see this show in the night sky. Another man at the MUFON meeting, another MUFON member, related his version of the early sighting.

"I saw this!" the MUFON man, a medical doctor, who wishes to remain anonymous, said.

"I was a skeptic about UFOs, but I happened to be at Lake Encino, way up on top of the mountain, above the smog, walking through the area, and I saw this unusual light.

I turned around, and in the sky, headed toward Rocketdyne, was a huge red ball of fire with a gold center, and just like Roger said, a tail with flakes of silver, and red surrounding it all.

This thing slowed down in the sky going toward Rocketdyne.
I know Rocketdyne very, very well! I used to practice there.

The whole mountaintop is black with radiation. People living near there are trying to sue the city and the government because of it!"

"I'm on inactive status in the service. So I went up the road to Rocketdyne this morning (10/4/'96).

All of a sudden I saw a bunch of soldiers with blockades there, and I couldn't go up. I asked them what was going on?

They said, 'Something has happened and you can't go through!' They had very strange uniforms on. Not the normal uniforms; not the same color.

These guys were the Special Forces type; no nonsense. They had been brought in from somewhere else, and spoke with a southern accent.", said the doctor.

"And they all seemed to look alike."

"What my feeling would be, is that nothing crashed. The object slowed down and came to rest up there for some reason.

I'm going to go up there tomorrow, Saturday morning, with my credentials, and see if they'll let me through," he concluded.

According to Roger Leir, "The doctor went back to Rocketdyne on Saturday with his credentials.

After checking them out, the military asked him what he wanted. He asked them what was going on up there, and why the public road was blockaded.

He was allowed to continue up the road and saw a hillside that was charred where something had burned."

Returning again on Sunday morning, he found the military types gone, and talked with two civilian security officers.

"He was told that, 'a space vehicle came down', and that, 'It was one of ours!'

The military people had conducted a clean up operation. The security men concluded, 'The vehicle was repaired, and took off early this morning.

Its no biggie, these vehicles land here twice a week.' the doctor was told."

"Something went wrong with the craft," Roger Leir says, "that caused the tremendous flash in the sky that we saw.

There may have been two craft that ran into one another, as something also crashed in Kern county, fifteen minutes later.

There have been repots that people all over the country saw flashes in the sky.

A friend, who is an airline pilot saw the whole thing while flying. He said there was no way it was a meteor!"

"The following Monday, Leir , Sims, and the MUFON member that had called in, went to the Kuhner Drive location near the Simi Valley side of Rocketdyne.", Alice said. "They found a bright blue plastic materiel melted into the weeds there which was removed and will be sent for analysis.

We are not sure if the materiel is from the craft that landed Thursday night, but that is why we are having it tested.

Also, while they were out there Monday, Roger Leir saw something hovering over the mountain where Rocketdyne is located. He examined the object through binoculars.

When it changed position slightly, Leir could see it was a metallic disc."

The major media and astronomical experts explained the objects seen Thursday night as a meteor, or shooting stars in an effort to keep the truth from the public again.

The security men described the object that landed at Rocketdyne as a space vehicle, and that they land there twice a week. There are still questions that remain to be answered.

How long has the US had flying discs?

Is the technology that propels them ours, or are we working with the alien cultures and utilizing their technology.

Why are advanced spacecraft visiting the facility at Rocketdyne twice a week?
Why are the animals of people living near Rocketdyne, and in one case a maid, dying?

Is the facility the site of an inter-dimensional portal? We the public deserve to know the truth about Rocketdyne!

On September 10,1998 the sky above the greater Los Angeles area lit up.

Thousands of people saw a blue-white fireball arch from west to east, appearing to crash near Calabasas area in the valley.

Two women, Judy in Simi Valley, and Carolyn, in the mountains between Santa Monica and Calabasas, were witness to the event.

"It was dusk," June said. "It wasn’t that dark. I could still see the mountains.

I was on the phone talking to a friend, looking out the window. 'My God!' I said to my friend, 'There’s something on fire in the sky passing over my house!'

There was no sound. It looked like something dropped off of it as it disappeared behind a near-by hill."

Evidence was gathered from local vegetation by the Ventura/Santa Barbara MUFON group, and analyzed at a lab, with radiation readings of a site near June’s home.

Analysis showed whatever passed over the area had sucked the liquids from the vegetation causing a tree to explode, bark to fall off branches, and an ash-like substance to form on top of leaves.

All evidence was photographed, and documented.

Simi Valley resident Carolyn, further East, was about to enter her home.

"It was getting dark enough to see the early stars,” Carolyn reported "I just looked up as I was going back in the house, and there was a real bright light that came overhead from west to east.

It looked like a comet with a tail. Sort of like a gas flame; blue and white in color.

Once it passed my head it changed into a Vee shape; like a Stealth Bomber, only more Vee shaped.

The object traveled faster than a plane, about the same height as aircraft going into LAX and Burbank airports.

As it continued eastward, all of a sudden there was a big blast of light, and poof, it was gone!

It reminded me of a Star Trek movie when they’re going into warp drive," Carolyn said.

Dr. Roger Leir heard the event reported on the late night news at 11pm that September tenth.

CBS reported the light over L.A. to be a meteorite.

Two years earlier on October 3, 1996, Leir and his partner Derrel Sims, known for removing the first alleged alien implants, were on their way to Burbank Airport, driving south on the 101, when they saw the sky light up, and a fireball come arching down into the hills near Calabasas.

Again, the late night news described the object as a meteorite.

But that night a long-time friend of Leir saw the object come down in the Santa Susanna Mountains near the Rocketdyne Test Facility, atop a high ridge, overlooking the town of Simi Valley.

Leir’s friend, known to Art Bell fans as "General A" is a General Officer in the Reserves.

In 1996, he made several trips to the Rocketdyne facility, gaining access to the area which had been cordoned off by elite troops the night of the November third fireball sighting.

On October 5,1996 the General viewed an area at Rocketdyne, blackened, as if there’d been a fire.

Asking what had happened, a military spokesman told him, "A damaged vehicle made an emergency landing here.

It was repaired, and left this morning."
He never saw the vehicle, as it had already gone.

Roger Leir called the General the day after this year’s September incident.

The General said he would drive up to Rocketdyne. Roger Leir didn’t hear from him for four days.

When he did, his friend said he couldn't talk about anything.

"He sounded scared," Leir said, "and told me he might be in trouble," Leir told me on the phone.

Several weeks later, on Bell’s show on November 5, 1998, the General revealed what happened at Rocketdyne on September 11, 1998.

"When I got up there on the eleventh, there was a vehicle there this time," the General reported.

"I’m a very scientific individual. I have to see to believe. I had the most tremendous experience of my life!

You have to call the vehicle alive - alive in the sense that if it is perforated, or injured, it would be self healing; the materiel is considered alive.

It's hard to say what the vehicle looks like.

Let me say it changes form; changed every time I looked at it. When I entered it, it changed its form.

Everything that was there was not of one form and staying one form. Everything was flexible," he said. "I could see out of the craft, but not into it."

It is important to note that witness June saw the vehicle morphing in the air.

The General added that the only reason people saw the fireball was because the vehicle was in trouble, and that normally it traveled faster than the speed of light.

He then mentioned he had been taken for a ride that day. He said that prominent people all over the world have been briefed on what the vehicles are, and who controls them, including our own people in Washington, D.C.

"Certain people have been briefed," he reported, "and they know what’s going on."

Later in the report the General said he’d attended a social function and had spoken of his experience to some Armenian engineers, who were here, working for Boeing, who now owns Rocketdyne.

Hearing his story, they admitted to being responsible for repairing the engines on the damaged vehicle.

Art Bell asked General "A" if there was an on-going relationship between our military, our government, and the aliens? "There has been for years," the General replied.

I have met and talked with the General on several occasions.

He is a very serious, scientifically grounded person, who has several times put his neck on the line to prove what’s going on, not only at the Rocketdyne facility in Southern California, but obviously, with the entire UFO controversy.

By his own admission, on the Bell show, it should be noted that those who control the UFO cover-up may well be using him as part of a well planned operation to slowly release information on the phenomena to the public.

"There are so many things I’ve found out: why they are doing it, how they are doing it" said the General. He hoped that sometime they would let him tell more.


Another witness to strange craft in the local skies.


More evidence that this craft may exist.

More evidence that this craft is technologically possible.
I recently found this on the internet.

I found this on another website. I found it interesting especially the last paragraph where his father attended a meeting at a naval base in Calif. I lived in base housing and was stationed at this very same base. The post can be read at
I had the pleasure of listening to your conversation with George Noory on
CoasttoCoastAM Wednesday, May 30th. After hearing you, I felt compelled to
write concerning my father's (Captain Alexander Walkowski, USNR) knowledge of
UFO's and ET's.

My Dad served on active duty and in the air reserve from 1941
until his retirement in 1973. In 1962, he was promoted to the rank of
captain, and shortly afterward, received what was called a "Super Security
Clearance." This was the very highest security clearance granted at the time to
naval officers and scientists/researchers.

My father was a great intellect with
a terrific knowledge of weapons systems and possessed a major in chemistry
and a minor in physics. From 1965 until 1969, he was commander of Weapons
Training Unit (WEPTU-811). In 1969 he was appointed the reserve commanding
officer of NAS Twin Cities in Minneapolis and served in that capacity until the
base was decommissioned in 1970.

Of the 3500 active and reserve personnel on the base, he was the only one
to have received a security clearance that high. Before I continue, I regret
to say that he passed away at the age of 88 on April 21st so much of what he
knew and never told me, of course is lost.However, the things he did volunteer
were quite surprising and I dare say,shocking,in some respects.

I decided to query my Dad about this and see if he would "open up" more about what
he knew about this whole subject. I did a Q & A session with him. He stated
up front that there was no reason whatsoever to doubt Mr. Sheppard's

Here are the rest of the questions and answers much of which is verbatim;

RW (Robert Walkowski) AW(Captain Alexander Walkowski)

RW: You told me a couple of months ago that the US had shot down a UFO in
the late 1940's. Do you know what shot it down?

AW: It was a Navy Zeus missile that brought it down. White Sands was a
missile research and testing base and the Zeus was one of the weapons developed

RW: I thought the Zeus was deployed in the 1950's.

AW: Well, that's for public consumption. The Zeus was actually operational
just after WWII.

RW: Did the lecture in California in 1965 ever delve into travel at the
speed of light or time travel?

AW: Yes, these things were discussed. You see, the Navy was very aggressive
in this area. . .much more than the Army or Air Force. The Navy had been
conducting time travel experiments for many years prior to 1965.

RW: Was Tesla's research that was confiscated by the federal government used
as part of the Naval research?

AW: Oh, I'm sure it probably was, but I believe that ET technology was used

[ My father would state months later that the Navy did VERY IMPORTANT time
travel experiments in the late 1930's and early 1940's. When I asked him
about the "Philadelphia Experiment" of 1943, he kind of shrugged his shoulders
and said, "Yeah, it very well could have taken place." ]

RW: In meetings you attended including the California seminar, was the idea
of ancestry, that is, our connection to ET's discussed?

AW: Yes. Did you ever stop to think of the different elasticities and why
people are segregated as they are around the world. . .native-Americans in the
US, Hispanics in Central and South America; Asians in southeast Asia, China,
Japan. How could that just happen? Think about it!

RW: You seem to be saying that UFO's have visited this planet for a very
long time?

AW: Yes, hundreds of years. That's the Navy's conclusion.

RW: Why do you think the government just can't open up and talk about this?

AW: Panic.

RW: Then I suppose you think it is best to keep it under wraps?

AW: Absolutely! Absolutely! People would think we were being attacked. In
my opinion, it's essential to keep a low profile on this matter. You see,
over the years, we've had enemies. . .Germany, Japan, the Soviets, now
countries like Iran and North Korea. You can't assume that because some aliens are
friendly that others will be. We're also talking about adversaries with
technologies hundreds or even thousands of years ahead of ours. There's the
concern that many ET's have visited here to "check out the landscape," looking
for our vulnerabilities.

RW: There have been references made to the Bible and how peoples'
perceptions of it might be affected by knowing the full truth about ET's.

AW: Yes, if you believe that aliens may be our ancestors, then you can
understand the effect on religion as we know it. The Bible, while still factual
in many cases, may not be entirely accurate. . .for instance, some of it such
as the Book of Genesis, may have been embellished somewhat. For example, how
could you say that Adam and Eve came first? Seriously!

RW: So you think the government knows plenty about UFO's and ET's?

AW: Oh absolutely! They obviously know much more than what I can say about
the matter. The things that I know and that they know are so fantastic,
that, well, the average person simply couldn't comprehend them. We're talking
about travel at the speed of light, travel from universe to universe, and other
things that people would consider science fiction, but are science fact.
Einstein professed a belief in parallel universes and I guess he was correct.

RW: I'm just curious to know. . .what does the government do with people who
leak classified information to the public realm?

AW: (slight chuckle) Well, you remember the Rosenberg's don't you?

RW: Yes, they were executed in 1953.

AW: That's right, and that's what can happen. At the very least, you can be
admonished, lose your retirement pay, demoted in rank. At the worst,
they'll throw you in jail or do what they did to the Rosenberg's. I'll tell you
Rob, the UFO subject is really a matter of the highest national security and
the government takes a very dim view of those who release, you know, "For Eyes
Only" information to the public.

The Navy wouldn't like it.Then there's the DIA, FBI,possibly the CIA.also
other people in government. . .I don't know what the names of their agencies
are very secret outfits I know they exist. . .they can make life very difficult.
All I know is that they will find you out. It's their job and they're good at it!

The last piece of information my father gave me was late last year.I

inquired as to what ET's might look like. He stated that according to the Navy,
most ET's looked much like us. Some might have slight differences, but most
were very similar to humans.

During his years as a captain, my father also visited SAC bases such as
Offut AFB near Omaha and Ellsworth AFB near Rapid City, South Dakota. He visited
NORAD as well. At each stop, the subject of UFO's was discussed because it
was a constant problem on radar.

He made a visit to NAS Roosevelt Roads,
Puerto Rico in 1966. At that time, dating back to at least 1963, UFO's were
showing up on radar all over the Caribbean. Fighter jets from NAS Key West and
aircraft carriers in the vicinity were dispatched to chase the UFO's, but the
jets, including F4 Phantoms, were too slow.

He was fearful of saying much more. He mentioned the threat that some
governmental agency could possibly take action against him. He mentioned
espionage on more than one occasion. However, the things he did say were, in my
estimation, a wonderful gift! I'm grateful that he told me the things he
did and as you might imagine, I no longer have any skepticism regarding this

I asked my Dad if he was privy to information on UFO's. I never bothered to ask
him about these things previously because I felt he couldn't say much,
if anything,because of his security clearance.

He said that when he attended what was called a West
Coast Weapons Seminar at Point Hueneme, California in 1965, that the issue was
discussed. Scientists from Lockheed and Aerojet-General, along with
physicists from the Navy conducted the meeting for roughly 20 to 30 Navy Captains and
Admirals, all who had high security clearances.

It was divulged that indeed,the Navy had shot down a UFO in the area of the
White Sands Missile Range in the late 1940's and that a Navy Zeus missile
was responsible. The Navy had a huge interest in White Sands because it is
where V-2 rockets were being tested. The research on the V-2's helped usher
in the Polaris submarine missile in the 1960's.

Hopefully, Paola, this letter will be most helpful in your research.
Best Wishes,
Rob Walkowski (Minneapolis)


ET vehicles technology

ET Vehicles and Time Travel Technology
by Linda Moulton Howe

March 26, 2004 Lancaster, California - Twenty-one years ago on April 9, 1983, I was at Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque, New Mexico, interviewing an Air Force Office of Special Investigations Agent named Richard C. Doty.

I was working on a documentary special for Home Box Office entitled, UFOs: The E.T. Factor. During that meeting, Richard Doty handed me several typed pages as he said, "My superiors have asked me to show this to you. You can read the document and ask me questions, but you can't take notes."

The top page said in all capitols centered on the page:


The paper summarized more than half a dozen crash retrievals of what were referred to as "extraterrestrial" aerial vehicles from a variety of locations in New Mexico, Arizona and even the nation of Mexico. The paper also referred to extraterrestrial entities, both dead and alive, retrieved from those crashed aerial vehicles and specified two kinds: small, grey beings and another kind simply referred to as "The Talls" in the briefing paper. When I asked Doty if the "Talls" were the blond types also known as "Nordics," he said yes.

The last page of the briefing paper had a list of projects that included Project Aquarius. Aquarius was described as an effort to study all extraterrestrial technology, to try to back engineer it and apply what was learned to America's own space program. While I was trying to produce that Home Box Office special, I was told by a number of sources that the retrieved extraterrestrial craft were controlled by the minds of the ET pilots through head and hand devices.

I was also told that the craft were not assembled the way we do airplanes with metal sheeting and rivets. The solid silver disks were said to be grown as we would a crystal from solution. Further, I was told our government had retrieved one or more ET devices which "capture time and play it back." When I said, "Isn't that what we do when we film or videotape?" Doty said, "No, it's my understanding that the ET technology literally can replay back segments of time lines." I was also told that the ETs could travel in time.

Now, twenty-one years after that Kirtland AFB meeting, I and several others from a variety of backgrounds are meeting at the Hilton Washington Hotel in Gaithersburg, Maryland for the First Exopolitics X-Conference about testimonies and evidence that indicate one or more non-human intelligences interact with Earth life, past and present.

I will be speaking about the U. S. government's strict policy of denial about all extraterrestrial matters in the interest of national security a policy with punishment to back it up since at least the Truman Administration.

I will also be presenting a workshop about the extraordinary layered bismuth and magnesium metal pieces that Art Bell and I first discussed on Coast to Coast AM radio back in 1996 which allegedly came from the bottom of a wedge-shaped craft - not a disk - retrieved on the northern White Sands Missile Range northwest of Roswell in 1947.

One of the biggest questions is how successful have American efforts to back-engineer extraterrestrial technologies been? The speaker who will address that question at the X-Conference is William Hamilton, Executive Director of Skywatch International, who works full time as a computer programmer analyst at the University of California Los Angeles. Bill has devoted his private time over the past several years to accumulating testimonies from half a dozen engineers and other scientists about back engineering efforts, both of physical aircraft design and what are called "biomorphing technologies."

An important source for some of this information was Ben Rich, head of Lockheed Corporation's famous "Skunk Works" for 16 years which concentrated on research and development of Top Secret special projects concerning aerial craft such as the F-117A and other advanced technologies.


Bill Hamilton, Computer Programmer Analyst, University of California-Los Angeles, and Executive Director of Skywatch, Lancaster, California: "He (Ben Rich) was showing slides and the last slide he showed looked like a black disk coming up from the Earth and going into space.

And at that point, he said to the audience: 'We now have the technology to take ET home.' That's quite a statement.

A person sitting there who heard this was Jan Hartzan. He is a senior project manager at Boeing. He's also a graduate of the UCLA School of Engineering. And he's also Director of MUFON Orange County over here in California.I thought that was significant because it definitely confirms that reverse-engineering (has occurred) I mean, when you take Ben Rich's statement and his character, his background, it is nearly unassailable.


No, but he did make the statements that the (extraterrestrial craft) were real, and positive statements that we had that technology now could only mean that he was so involved that he had to have firsthand hands-on type of experience. Why else would he make such statements?


Just statements that he made to the engineers. For instance, they discovered that one of their equations was wrong and it was corrected, that we could travel at extremely high rates of speed to the stars and that was not a barrier. Statements like this where would those statements (come from?) He is basing those statements on technology that he knows was developed.


He didn't actually say we were going.He said we have the capacity to go. Why wouldn't we?


Yes, he was involved in the simulators. The simulators were built according to Bill Uhouse so that our pilots could learn how to fly these craft. They are not jet aircraft.

Mind Controlled ET Craft


We cannot use the methods that the extraterrestrials use to control their craft because they do a mind/body interface with the craft. But installing our own means, our own avionics, that our pilots trained on our own avionics, would be able to control the flight of these craft.


Yes, and in fact, I think they did try the headbands as far as picking up the brain waves of the pilots and amplifying those.


I believe that what happened that they have learned that the pilots could not control their thinking processes, could not control their intentions the way the ETs could. Therefore, it was not a very reliable method for them to use.

Does American Government Have ET Time Travel Technology?


That we have time machines, in secret. But see, that is not something I can verify. I mean, it's testimony and I try to listen for similar testimony, right, from independent sources. But it's like that's what we are left with. It's like when somebody gives testimony that they have sighted a UFO. We have testimony. If we have some documents, maybe we have gone a little further.


The person who related this information, a physicist, related that information went to repair one of the time machines. And he knew somewhat how it worked. He did not know how it was developed, or where it came from, or the source of the engineering, or whether it was reverse-engineered, or anything like that.


I may know why, but I can't say. Again, it's one of those conundrums. I mean, the answer makes sense to me. I cannot verify it as the truth. It's like this: if I were to get in front of a large audience and ask, 'Would you recognize the truth if I told you?' Of course, if it is something very strange, I don't think they would.

There is no way that I could let's say for a minute that I was an insider and I was to disclose the truth about what is going on that anybody would have any means of immediately verifying it just on my words alone. So, that's the conundrum."

Ben Rich biography

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Benjamin Robert Rich (June 18, 1925January 5, 1995) was the second director of Lockheed's Skunk Works from 1975 to 1991, succeeding its founder, Kelly Johnson. Regarded as the "father of stealth," Ben Rich was responsible for leading the development of the F-117, the first production stealth aircraft. He also worked on the F-104, U-2, SR-71, A-12, and F-22

In December 1954 Rich was seconded to the Skunk Works, the secret research and development section run by Lockheed's chief engineer Clarence "Kelly" Johnson. There he designed the inlet ducts for the U-2 spyplane. Then he led the effort to build large-scale hydrogen liquefaction plant for a proposed hydrogen-powered supersonic aircraft, codenamed Suntan. After this was cancelled when hydrogen proved to be impractical, Rich was program manager for the propulsion systems for the U-2's successor, the SR-71 Blackbird। The idea to paint the high-speed aircraft's skin black, to help dissipate the tremendous frictional heat, was Rich's. He designed the engine inlet cones, the air conditioning system, and was the chief thermodynamicist for the project.

Later, as Johnson's successor as leader of the Skunk Works, Rich championed the early prototypes of stealth technology and led the development of the F-117.

On January 5, 1995 Ben Rich died from cancer at age 69. At his request, his ashes were scattered from an airplane near his beachfront house on the California coast in Oxnard. At the moment his ashes were released, a lone F-117A appeared out of the clouds and dipped its wings in a final salute to its creator.

I personally watched this F-117A take off from the nearby Naval Air Station.

I was always curious as to why this Air Force plane had visited the navy base.

I now know why.






These articles were in leading magazines almost 60 years ago!

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